Sports Twitter Polls

When Twitter polls were firsts introduced to the public, only a couple of people were capable of using the feature. This could have been probably because the product was in its trial phase. However, all the users can now create a poll on Twitter and share it with their followers with the ain o gathering related information. Among the first users of the poll feature by Twitter were the media and sports organizations. With the polls feature, Twitter users in the sports industry have a unique method of engaging their audience on various issues. Some of the uses of this feature in the sports industry include:

  • To ask users to predict on a possible outcome of a competition or game.
  • To ask the fans which player they think should play in a certain game
  • To enquire from the fans whether the referee was fair enough.

These are just some of the ways that Twitter users in the sports industry can make use of Twitter polls and gain valuable information on various subjects.